Accueil des étudiants étrangers

Tous les ans, l’UFR Lettres, Culture, et Sciences Humaines de l’Université Clermont Auvergne accueille des étudiants étrangers dans le cadre de programmes d’échange (Erasmus, conventions bilatérales…) et d’autres programmes d’études (Campus France).

Incoming students - General information

  • Bachelor's degrees: Geography and Planning, History, Art History and Archaeology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Literature, Art (Performance Art, Tourism, Publishing and Digital Strategies)

  • Master’s degrees: Creative Writing; History, Civilisations, Heritage; Project Management and Cultural Institutions; Environmental Management; Land Management and Local Development; Philosophy; Linguistics


Courses in English:

  • Introduction to tourism (L2 Arts)
  • Performing Arts in English-speaking countries (M1 DPEC)
  • American and English performing arts (M1 DPEC)
  • Travel Literature (M2 DPEC)
  • Political and cultural institutions in the English-speaking world (M2 DPEC)
  • Analysis of classic Hollywood cinema (M2 DPEC)

Courses in French: all of the teaching courses are accessible to students entering from the framework agreements.


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Guide for incoming students

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Academic coordinator for incoming students
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